• Jonathan Tonight at 21:00

    Join Jonathan Davies, Nigel Owens and Sarra Elgan for another fun-filled episode packed with games, sketches, challenges and celebrity guests Sir Bryn Terfel and Shane Williams.

  • Rownd a Rownd Tonight at 20:25

    Mathew is still intent on buying a house, but when he realises that it's an expensive game he decides to anger his father even more by asking Iolo and Aled to move in with him.

  • Pobol y Cwm Tonight at 20:00

    Dylan tries every trick in the book in order to stop Gerwyn from leaving Cwmderi and giving up on his marriage.

  • New schedule

    We've launched a new schedule – so don't miss your favourite programmes!

  • Clic - Amdani:Series 2

    Where is everyone since the first series? Is there a team? Well, there's certainly a christening


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